Black Gay Celebrities

Black Gay Celebrities

Many black gay celebrities lead successful careers in the entertainment industry. A couple of musicians, comedians, journalists, actors and film directors have admitted to being gay to the public. However, the list of the LGBT black celebrities is not full since many are those who have chosen not to come out publicly as gays.

Interesting Facts about Black Gay Celebrities

Before embarking on the list of the most famous black gay celebrities; it is worth noting several facts about these icons. Some of these facts cover all gay people though a few suit black gay celebrities more.

  • Their relationships tend to be more harmonious and equitable compared to straight marriages. According to a study, same-sex partners tend to divide all chores including parental obligations thus equitably maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • The black gay social icons tend to be wealthier and better educated compared to straight people – a particular study revealed that 46% of gay people had college degrees compared to 30% of the heterosexual couples.
  • Contrary to the widely held belief, the black gay celebs are very few in the world.
  • Their children are known to thrive better due to their impeccable parenting.

Black Gay Celebrities

American Black Gay Celebrities

  • Wanda Sykes
    Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Wanda Sykes is one of the most renowned American gay superstars. She is an actress and 71st funniest comedian of all times. In 2008, she came out publicly in a gay marriage rally.


  • RuPaul
    RuPaul was born in San Diego, California. He is an actor, singer, and a well-known drag queen. He is a significant empowerment figure in the music industry being ranked at position 40 of the best musicians going with one name only. RuPaul Charles’ main aim is to promote gay rights all over America.


  • Paris Barclay
    Many know him as a director who once won the Emmy Award. Since his college time, Paris Barclay has admitted to being gay. He wedded Christopher Mason in 2008, and both have adopted two children.


  • Andre Leon Talley
    The black gay superstar is one of the most influential people in the fashion industry. The American born celebrity is a Vogue editor who is determined to promote gays’ rights.

Black Gay Celebrities from Europe

Patience Agbabi is one of the well-known British performer and poet whose primary emphasis is on the spoken word. She is a bisexual and “bi-cultural” and often tends to incorporate the issues of gender identity, and sexuality into her poetry work.
Deborah Anne Dyer, widely known by the stage name Skin, is an English model and singer. She is ranked as one of the most famous black gay celebrities being a lead vocalist of several renowned English bands.
Although many people tend to have different misconceptions about gay marriages, a lot of icons have proved them wrong. Enough black gay celebrities are leading successful career lives and are adored by many. Most of them are at the forefront of the fight for gay rights.


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