Bisexual celebrities male

Bisexual celebrities male

There is a lot of diversity in the world, whereby people can date whoever they desire be it male or female. Focusing on bisexuality; a person being attracted to either gender or even is having behavior characteristics of both sexes. The celebrities are no exception when it comes to being bisexual despite them being icons in the society. Both bisexual celebrities male and female are living their truth by being bisexual and admitting it publicly.

Bisexual celebrities male coming out

As a celebrity it is hard to have a private life, most things they do are open for the public to see and even comment on. Being a celebrity means you’re a public figure and people look up to you thus the message you send out there can either be positive or negative. Thus, most bisexual celebrities male come out as bisexual on social media platforms or even interviews that way their words cannot be twisted when a second party finds out they are bisexual.

Bisexual celebrities male

Bisexual celebrities male inspiring

Most people don’t know if they are bisexual or not, thus if they have celebrities to look up to they feel they belong. It may seem like an easy thing being bisexual celebrities male, but it has a lot of burdens. To some, it is stressful for your own family may not understand or even accept them. Some are wrongfully judged. Most come out with the goal to inspire other bisexual people to live their truth. Most try to say that it’s ok being you and raise awareness for example; in 2003 Clive Davis one of the bisexual celebrities male came out to help spread great understanding of bisexuality.

Examples of bisexual celebrities male

• Alan Cumming is a Scottish actor and one at the top known bisexual celebrities male, who always identifies himself as a bisexual

• Emile Griffith was a professional boxer from the US, he said that he liked both men and women and hated discrimination.
• Billie Joe Armstrong, an American celebrity who admitted that he has always been bisexual and thinks that everyone is born as one.

Coming out, despite the judgment and discrimination one faces is a big step. Many people are afraid to live their truth because they are afraid of being judged or will also be disowned by their families or even friends. Bisexual people want to be heard and be given the opportunity to live their truth and with more celebrities coming out as being bisexual, they slowly but surely get there. The world is a battlefield and bisexual people will be heard and they will be free to be themselves.


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