Chubby Gay Men

Chubby Gay Men

How To Find Chubby Gay Men

Many people have different tastes when it comes to dating which is the exact reason websites like Online dating sites are a great way for consenting adults to be able to find people to match their unique tastes. If you are going to use a dating site to look for something like a chubby gay man then the main thing you need to concentrate on is getting your profile right. Once you have a great profile you will be able to attract just the person you are looking for. Online dating profiles can be tricky because you want to show yourself in the best light but also if you lie then you could get caught out when it comes to the actual date. Here are a few tips on creating the best dating profile.

Finding chubby gay men – your profile picture

The profile picture you choose is going to be the first thing any chubby gay men see, so you want to pick a good one. There are a few obvious things that you should never do when picking a profile picture for your online dating profile, including:

  • Using a very old photo
  • Using a group photo and not clearly stating which member of the group you are
  • Over-editing or using filters
  • Not having a profile picture at all

You should pick a profile picture that makes you look unique and interesting and portrays you in a good light. A picture of you doing something active or somewhere interesting will strike up conversation. Chubby gay men will usually have a certain type so try and think about this when you are choosing a picture.

Chubby Gay Men

Finding chubby gay men – writing your profile

After you have picked your profile picture to show any chubby gay men, the next most important thing is to carefully write your profile. This can be a tricky task as you want to give enough information away to ensure you get matches but you also do not want to give out too much and end up not having anything to talk about on your date. There are a few things that are a definite no when it comes to dating profiles when looking for chubby gay men:

– Outright lying, imagine if you said you could ride a horse and that is where your match wanted to go for the first date. Keep it simple and honest
– Being overly picky about what you want. Nothing is more off-putting than someone looking for chubby gay men but then adding in loads of other requirements that are terribly hard to meet.


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