Famous Gay Male Designers you might know

Famous Gay Male Designers

Some gay fashion icons work as designers while others operate as models. In some societies, gays are stigmatised leaving them in fear of openly revealing their orientation and pursuing their professions. Despite this stigma, several trendsetters have risen to build the fashion world.

Italian Famous Gay Male Designers

Gianni Versace 
Gianni was a thriving Italian fashion designer who is unforgettable. He was the founder of Versace which is a global fashion house producing clothes, make-up, fragrances, accessories as well as home furnishings. He also designed theatre films costumes. The designer died at the age of 51 leaving behind an admirable legacy.

Famous Gay Male Designers

British Famous Gay Male Designers

Alexander McQueen
This great designer was born in London, United Kingdom in 1969. In 1996, the openly gay designer was declared as the chief designer at Givenchy. He wedded George Forsyth and broke up in 2001. The successful designer died in 2010 at the age of 41.

American Famous Gay Male Designers

Tom Ford
The list of the famous gay male designers is incomplete without Thomas Carlyle (widely known as Tom Ford.) The American designer gained worldwide fame following his turnaround of Gucci. He is also the creator of Tom Ford label. The 56 years old is not only a fashion designer but also a seasoned film director and screenwriter. His past accomplishments made him one of the most famous gay male designers whose creations are trending worldwide.

Michael Kors
Mr Kors is another significant figure when it comes to famous gay male designers. The designer typically deals with American women’s sportswear and is based in New York City. Michael Kors runs his fashion accessory film, Michael Kors Holdings Ltd, as its Chief Creative Officer. In 1997-2003, the 58 years old was proclaimed as French House Celine’s first ladies’ ready-to-wear designer.

Pharrell Williams
Pharell is mostly known as an American rapper, singer-songwriter and a record producer. Besides that, he is one of the famous gay male designers. He is also a drummer and lead vocalist of funk, hip-hop and rock. Together with other renowned individuals such as Chad Hugo, William has produced R&B, hip-hop and soul music. The American fashion designer was born on 3rd April 1973.

Sean Combs
Diddy is the current stage name given to Sean Combs; he is an American men’s fashion designer, an actress and a rapper. Mr Combs, one of the famous gay male designers has won several awards such as MTV Video Music and Grammy Awards. His clothing line is also renowned and recognised by many across the globe. He was born on 4th November 1969.

The world’s famous gay male designers have left a great legacy behind. They also did a commendable task of advocating for gay rights while running their careers. For this reason, their work is recognised and appreciated all over the world.

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