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The Gay Games are the world`s largest sports and cultural events, such as athletics and musical festivals, open to both genders, especially to the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and the transgender. The games started in 1982, California, and it was instituted to promote the spirit of inclusion, participation, and to enhance the desires to personal growth in sporting events. Naturally, the Gay Games retains similarities with the Olympic Games as it involves Gay Games flames lit at the opening of the ceremonies.

The sports are organised by the International Federation of Gay Games(FGG), and the participants of the events come from over seventy countries all over the world, including France, the UK and the US. The group was founded by Tom Waddell, as an all-volunteering, transparent and a non-profit organisation.

Therefore, Federal of Gay Games was formed with the aim of fostering and augmenting self-respect of the gay, the lesbian community and gender-variant individuals throughout the world. Also, it promotes respect and understanding of the homophiles by other people.


Achievements of Federation of Gay Games


The association is raising funds to bring on-board and to motivate people into the Gay Games: it has awarded over 1,000 scholarships to individuals all over the globe. Also, it has made a breakthrough in the trans-gendered inclusion policy, development in women`s sports, and anti-doping policies that allow athletics on medication to participate in the games

Moreover, it encourages people infected with HIV/AIDs to join the group, where they offer incentives for achieving goals and develop talents in life.


Upcoming Gay Games Events


Due to the vast number of members joining the Gay Games community, Federation of Gay Games has added more sports in its list, including boxing, fencing, roller derby and wheelchair rugby. The organisation will be hosting an Annual General Assembly as from 26th October- 1st November 2017 in Paris, France, where the individuals will be revealing their talents without worrying of their sexual orientation. All persons desiring to participate are expected to register with the hosting body; also, registering is mandatory for everyone attending the event.

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