Gay Actors and Actresses

Gay ActorsDespite rapidly changing societal attitudes toward homosexuality and an increasing LGBT tolerance especially in the creative and entertainment industries, some gay actors and actresses still find it difficult to publicly come out. While many fashion designers, musicians and artists are openly gay and publicly support the LGBT community, there are surprisingly few gay actors and actresses in Hollywood that speak to the media about their sexuality.


Some gay actors and actresses believe coming out to be a career ris 

There are several reasons why only a few usually well-established gay actors and actresses are outspoken about their sexual orientation. Coming out as gay is perceived as a potential career killer by gay actors and actresses, as many fear that they will be labeled as “the gay guy or “the lesbian”, making it more difficult for them to land leads as straight characters in big mainstream pictures. In the past, several promising young gay actors and actresses suffered career setbacks after they confirmed rumors about their sexuality, and while the public opinion has changed dramatically since the 90s, not coming out is still considered the safer bet for most stars in Hollywood that want to be appreciated for their talent and not for being gay or straight. In the end, as one’s sexuality is a private matter, it should always be at the discretion of gay actors and actresses whether they want to come out to the media or not.


Unconfirmed rumors about gay actors and actresses in Hollywood

Fans and media take great interest in the glamorous lives of their idols, which makes it difficult if not impossible for most gay actors and actresses to avoid any gossip and rumors about their sexual orientation altogether. Some stars choose not to comment on anything concerning their private life, but even being spotted in a restaurant or bar in company of another attractive man can fuel speculations about a celebrity’s sexuality. Being outspoken about their homosexuality is not always to the disadvantage of gay actors and actresses, though: Many people admire openly gay stars for their courage and show their support. On top of that, it should not be forgotten that the gay audience is a significant market, and gay fans can be particularly loyal and supportive. For gay and lesbian teenagers, gay actors and actresses are important role models that help them to accept themselves for who they are as it shows them that the LGBT community is an accepted part of society.

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