Celebrity Gay Couples in Hollywood

Celebrity Gay CouplesWho is dating who in the entertainment industry? Hollywood gossip blogs on the Internet and news outlets are always eager to be the first to report on new affairs and liaisons of the rich and famous, and if there is one thing that makes even bigger headlines, it is probably celebrity gay couples showing themselves in public for the first time. From Hollywood directors over actors to singers and designers, the list of celebrity gay couples is long. Since England and the United States legalized gay marriage, several celebrity gay couples that have been living in relationships for years have married their same-sex partners, showing their support for marriage equality and the acceptance of LGBT lifestyles in the entertainment industry. While some celebrity gay couples prefer to keep a low profile and decide not to share too many details about their private lives and how they experience their sexuality with news outlets, other celebrity gay couples love the public attention and share videos and pictures of their lives with their fans on social media channels like Instagram. Those celebrity gay couples know that portraying their lifestyle on social media can be a great way to connect with their fan base and show to the public that they are normal couples just like everybody else.


Celebrity Gay Couples no Longer a Scandal

In the 90s, as few gay actors and actresses chose to come out to the public, celebrity gay couples were often sensationalized by the big media outlets. It took decades to change mainstream attitudes to the extent that celebrity gay couples are no longer fit for a scandalous headline story in gossip rags and tabloids. However, as the majority of gay actors and actresses in Hollywood still does not talk about their sexuality with the general public, new celebrity gay couples continue to get a lot of attention on social media pages. Stars that have been living the life of a bachelor for a long time are rarely spared rumors and speculations about their sexual preferences. The strong public interest in the private life of actors and singers inevitably connected to fame, because fans are eager to learn more about the personality of their idols. This is especially true for the LGBT community, as celebrity gay couples make them more visible and help making gay men and lesbian women more accepted in society as a whole.

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