Famous Gay Actors

famous gay actors

Unfortunately being gay isn’t easy in the present days. Normal people have problems to have their coming-out because they are afraid of the reactions from their family or friends.Being gay still isn’t accepted in the society so unfortunately these worries are justified.

Famous Gay Actors are standing for being gay

When it is difficult for normal people to say that they are gay, how is it for famous gay actors? Clearly it is more difficult for them to have a coming-out because they are standing in the public; every person knows them and has an opinion about them. But they are a few famous gay actors who weren’t afraid to commit that they are gay and also are proud about it.

For example everyone knows Jim Parsons who has the role of “Sheldon Cooper” in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. Sheldon Cooper is an asexual man who isn’t interested in women or men either. But in in the reality Jim Parsons is one of the famous gay actors who has a boyfriend for years and wasn’t afraid having a coming-out.

Also Neil Patrick Harris plays “Barney Stinson” in “How I met your mother” who is a playboy. But Neil Patrick Harris is also one of the famous gay actors with a husband and three kids.

famous gay actors
Who is one of the famous gay actors?

Famous gay actors are normal persons

Sir Ian McKellen got popular as Magneto in “X-Men” and as Gandalf in “Lord of the rings” ans is also one of the famous gay actors. He was the first actor who brought his husband to the Academy Awards. He is 70 years old and one of the oldest famous gay actors.

These people are very good-paid actors und being gay doesn’t disadvantage them in any occasion. When it is possible to do so at famous gay actors it has to be possible accepting normal people being gay.

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